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New Disco offer added BestBuy

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New Disco offer added BestBuy

This offer appears to specific to one of my cards. They also gave me an extra 3% for this card recently. EDIT- Bestbuy promo is listed under rewards on both of my cards   Maybe other people have it too   


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Re: New Disco offer added BestBuy



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Re: New Disco offer added BestBuy

Just got the email.Screenshot_20201125-115731_Gmail.jpg


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Re: New Disco offer added BestBuy

I just got this as well. I'll probably continue to use my Best Buy card, though.

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Disco 5% off at Best Buy

Just got this email and figured I'd share with you all.



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Re: New Disco offer added BestBuy

I got the same email. Guess they really want us buying electronics over the holiday!

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Re: New Disco offer added BestBuy

I too got this email for my IT card. I actually want to purhcase some presents from them so this is brilliant. 

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Re: New Disco offer added BestBuy

I got this as well. 

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Re: New Disco offer added BestBuy

Just keep in mind Discover discontinued purchase protection and extended warranties a few years ago.

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Discover It Card with 5% back at Best Buy! Limited time!

This is a really generous offer from Discover and Best Buy! Especially for those of us in year 1 of the cash back match, ends up being 10% back at Best Buy! If you've activated the 4th quarter categories then you're already activated for this offer too!





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