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New Disco offer added BestBuy

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Re: New Disco offer added BestBuy

@Anonymous wrote:

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@Anonymous, Best Buy does have a price match. (as well as a few other places)


I've never been a fan of price match.  Price beat, I'm all in; If a retailer tells me if I bring the price from a competitor to them and they'll beat it by 5%-10% they've got a deal.  Price match in and of itself doesn't really benefit me.  I'd rather just purchase it from the place I found the better price at originally, all other things being equal of course.  My take on it is that if I'm able to find a better price somewhere, the teams of people working for Best Buy or whoever that have the job of looking up [competitors] prices are already aware that X product can be aquired cheaper elsewhere and they choose to keep their price at the (not)Best Buy. 

Price mtching works well at Best Buy for one reason: They match online retailers like Amazon. Online almost always has the best prices, but sometimes you just want to touch something before you buy it. Example: I wanted new headphones, and Amazon had a great deal on a pair that have always had great reviews (a pair of Audio Technicas). I had seen them a hundred times and knew they were good, but never actually put on a pair, so I went to Best Buy. Once I tried them out, it was great that I could just talk to someone and have them match Amazon and take them home right there. Other places won't match online retailers (like Dicks Sporting Goods... they don't even match THEIR OWN online price many times) so I will go to the store to try stuff out, and then go home and order it and have to wait a day or two. 

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