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New Discover Card Feature?

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Re: New Discover Card Feature?

Credit Health Check as of July 05, 2011


 Your credit health is good

We’re always interested helping cardmembers make smart financial decisions. So we thought it would be helpful to share the type of information potential lenders may consider.

How Did We Determine This?


It finally works. It looks like its junk info. It takes me to a link to check my credit reports for free. Its the free annual report that everyone is entitled to.
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Re: New Discover Card Feature?

@josh68684 wrote:

So does that mean I get to access my scores for free? Ugh I still cant access it. I click on it and nothing pops up.

Here's an update from Discover:  This feature allows you to click on the "get now" button to give you a general rating of your credit standing!  This will then provide you with tools to assist you with factors that may be impacting your credit score.

Like I stated, its the same monitoring service.  They only changed the name.  You have access to scores when you apply for new credit.  Some of your current creditors  may be offering its members monthly scores. 

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Re: New Discover Card Feature?

Credit Health Check

This page contains free information about your credit health and the factors that may impact it. Visiting your Credit Health Check page will not count as a credit inquiry and will not affect your credit.




Just checked.  It's a soft INQ on TU.

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Re: New Discover Card Feature?

Seems like everyone is now offering some manner of credit monitoring..

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