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New Member...Chase or Amex?

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Re: New Member...Chase or Amex?

I have both BCP and CSP and each is wonderful in its own way. I'm not entirely sure you could get approved for either one with the numbers you reported. But you could probably take a shot at the BCP with a SP. The question you have to ask about CSP is can you spend $4,000 in the first 3 months in order to get 50,000 points? About BCP, you have to ask yourself if you can spend enough annually to cover the $95 AF, which, unlike the CSP, is charged the first year. If you are able to spend $1,000 in the first three months with the BCP, your AF for the first two years is covered with your $200 bonus.

I have another suggestion, Discover IT. You could probably get it right now and get a decent SL, with no AF. After 4 months and using Discover's double dip, I got my SL raised almost 250%. During your first year, the 5% categories are doubled, as is the regular reward of 1% on other purchases. By purchasing gift cards along with your regular purchases during each quarter, you can really benefit during the first year. I find that I'm using it as my EDC card for those reasons. You wouldn't want to try to be maximizing your first year benefits with Discover while, at the same time you're trying to earn the rewards of CSP and BCP. I would go with Discover for a year and improve your scores and derogs during that time. Then, go for the higher-end cards and their rewards.
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Re: New Member...Chase or Amex?

I do have a Chase account, which might help get me qualified. But yes....I gotta be honest...the $4k spend to get those 50,000 points is steep. I could do it, but it's not my usual spending pattern. I've seen a few offers around for the PRG giving 50,000 for a $2,000 spend.


I'll look into the Citi offerings. As far as i've read, it looks like most prefer the UR and MR systems. 

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Re: New Member...Chase or Amex?

@TyRacing wrote:

Amex does everything off soft pulls while chase requires hard pulls."


what? no hard pulls on apps?

If you're an existing member, you can be pre-approved for a new card when they do their soft pulls for account maintenance. You can always cold app using a hard pull if you don't want to wait for a pre-approval to show up.

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Re: New Member...Chase or Amex?

I have a buddy who LOVES his Chase Sapphire Reserve. 

Cap1 Quicksilver || Amex BCP || Discover IT || Chase FU || BofA Travel || FNB Omaha Platinum Visa

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Re: New Member...Chase or Amex?

@mongstradamus wrote:
Something I would keep in mind is the area you live in do they accept amex everywhere . I know some places where amex isn't accepted nearly as much as visa just something to keep in mind

 ↑↑↑ +1


Not only that, but you have to consider where you are travelling to. I know A LOT of places outside US that does not accept AMEX.

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