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New NFCU member!

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Re: New NFCU member!

NFCU rocks!

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Re: New NFCU member!

lmrites wrote:

rryntz wrote:

I applied for NFCU about a week back and received my pin number in the mail...then following day my debit card...then got my welcome call yesterday afternoon!


And when i logged in, was pre-selected for the CashRewards visa, applied and instant approved with a 10k limit!!!!!!!!


totalling stoked and geeked right now!

Welcome to the cool kids club!  NFCU is the BEST Smiley Very Happy

This!  If you aint in NFCU, you ain't tall enough to ride the big boy rides...n stuff.  Congrats!!

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Re: New NFCU member!

I only joined for the free keyring!  Ha.  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: New NFCU member!


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Re: New NFCU member!

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Re: New NFCU member!


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Re: New NFCU member!

Thank you guys very much!


Yes everything about them scream excellence, i love the experience already and its only been a few days!

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