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New and need some advice.

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Re: New and need some advice.

no there is no reason for me if i was going for the citi card it was just an offer i recieved in the mail,i just brought it up to see what you guys thought about it over me applying for the other cards.the main offer i see it has is 0% for 12mths nothing fancy i dont believe,I dont see any bonuses or anything.

I just wanna apply for stuff i have better chances at getting is why i ask cause i know some cards are harder to get than others and i believe you guys know best from everything ive read from people that have been lead in the correct direction from this forum,lol like i said im new to applying and skiddish of denial even though i havent applied for much just the couple times i have in the past with GECRB retail cards.I know my credit is stronger now than it use to be it use to be and ill be better once i get the apps over haha.

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Re: New and need some advice.

I'd app Chase first then Discover. You shouldn't have to recon but if you do the number is the Backdoor Number sticky.

Good luck!
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