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New card(s) for cross country drive?


New card(s) for cross country drive?

I'm in the Navy and doing a Permenant Change of Station (PCS) around the middle of next year. The Navy's pretty good about reimbursement of travel expenses, so I thought I'd put them all through the appropriate cards. Smiley Happy


First I'll be traveling from VA Beach to Pensacola FL.


In Pensacola I'll more than likely be staying in a hotel for 2 months. (This is reimbursed monthly)


After that I drive to Everett WA with what's sure to be a few stops for hotels.


I currently use my Fidelity Amex for nearly everything, but I broke out the Zync recently to show the "real" Amex some love.


What cards would help me to best capitalize on this trip? I suppose the most obvious is to join PenFed, but I'm really happy with NFCU, and already have an account with PSECU that I don't use.

Start: ? / 633 / 621 March 2011
Current: 751 / 760 / 750 (PSECU, SW, QM)
My Wallet: Fidelity Amex 5k, NFCU CashRewards 10k,
SD: Barclays Apple 1.2k, Amex Zync NPSL, HomeDepot 1.2k
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