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New credit cards from Ally Bank

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Re: New credit cards from Ally Bank

Congrats, and thanks for the DPs, @masscredit ! That's pretty close to your 3K target. I think you're the first, so I'm sure they'd love to hear about it in Approvals.

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Re: New credit cards from Ally Bank

@masscredit wrote:

Well... I fell out of the garden earlier when I applied and was approved for a Cap 1 Savor One card so I figured I'd take one for the team and check out the pre-approval for Ally. My current scores are EQ - 685, TU - 652 and EX - 647. Utilization is at 1%.


This is what I was rewarded with -




Congrats! You may very well be the first to be approved for one of these cards. 

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