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New for Credit Card in US

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New for Credit Card in US



I'd like to ask some advice.  This is my situation.  I'm from Japan and I opened "USAA Cash Back Credit Card" in Nov 2016, my credit limit is $500.  This is my first credit card in the states so I understand it.  I will be able to request credit limit increase after 5/20/2017.  When I made this card, I didn't have any credit history at all, and my Experian score was 687 (based on CreditCheck from USAA).  And I checked Experian score again on USAA website and my score is 699 now.


Also I have heard Navy Federal Credit Union gives a good amount of credit limit. I'm eligible to make an account. I know NFCU will do hard pull when I join them, and apply a credit card (totally twice).


I'd like to increase my credit score so what I should do first?


(1) Request USAA Credit Limit Increase after 5/20, then open NFCU account and apply credit card?

(2) open NFCU account and apply credit card, then request USAA credit limit increase?


Or doesn't matter which one I do first?

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Re: New for Credit Card in US

Konichiwa (my phone is not cooperating with kanji for the moment, my apologies) Micmic and welcome to the boards.

It doesn't matter which you do first. I would suggest going ahead and opening NFCU right now because there is no need to wait. You wrote that you have a way in so that is good because there is another post that mentions that the method for getting in via the San Diego Navy League may not work any more.

Your score will be highest with 3 credit cards and an installment loan so you are heading in the right direction.
Wandered out of the garden for a bit and bought myself a house. YAY! Grabbed a couple cards while I was out there too but now I am back for at least six months, if not longer. Time to let the good cards I already have grow and get focused on paying down this mortgage.

MikkiD's rebuild page

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Re: New for Credit Card in US

Konichiwa, MikkiD!  And thanks for your reply.


I'm going to follow your advice so I'll open NFCU first. I have a lot of things to learn regarding US credit system.


Have a great weekend! Smiley Happy

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