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New to credit and would appreciate advice!

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New to credit and would appreciate advice!

Hello everyone! I am brand new to the site! I'm a 21 year old full-time college student with limited credit history, only including 4 student loans, 1 which has already been paid off without missing any payments. I recently decided that it was time for me to start  applying for credit cards and start building more credit, seeing as I will be graduating college soon! Before finding this site, I applied for a store credit card (Victoria's Secret,) Capital One Secured, and  a Citi Forward Student Card. I was automatically declined for the Capital One Secured. I will be hearing from Victoria's Secret within 7-10 days, and Citi informed me that they would like confirmation of my address before giving me a decision. I e-mailed Citi a bank statement today and looked up my FICO using this site (it is a 689). But, my address listed is an old address - different than the one I was using on my apps!


So do you guys think my incorrect address could have anything to do with me getting so many denials/manual reviews, and could I possibly get a recon if I explain the situation with my address mix up? Can I change my address on my FICO, and does it look bad on the report if I change it? Lastly, if I am not approved for the Citi or Victoria's Secret card, what would you guys suggest I do next? Thanks everyone for all your help!!

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Re: New to credit and would appreciate advice!

please provide more info do you have any cards at all whats your oldest card how long have you ghad credit etc.. info so all the expert can give opinion


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Re: New to credit and would appreciate advice!

You can call capital one back and recon application you recon look for tNu number everywhere..........the bad case ask them to see if you can put some deposit money as a secured minimum 200....and more.......

citi bank be honest with them and give them your billing or something prove your address maybe 2 bills ...fax it over.......

victoria you can call them and ask about the process of application.....they might need to verify some Info same thing with city.........

you make a perfect payment on your student let all the company know about it........also if they all denied then look for some recon department they might approve you.......keep us updated about your situation.........and good luck.....the back door number should be find at the font page sticker on credit card section.....

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Re: New to credit and would appreciate advice!

Welcome to the forums!!!

The incorrect address could definitely be an issue and is call in to those creditors for a recon. Good luck!!!!

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Re: New to credit and would appreciate advice!

I would definitely call them for a recon, which is short for reconsideration. This is where an analyst can manually review your app and approve a computer generated decline if they feel you have an acceptable credit profile. If you prefer, you can wait until you receive the denial letter. It should explain why they rejected you, and you can discuss those points with the analyst, unless you decide to call now and see exactly what they have to say. Welcome and good luck!!!

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Re: New to credit and would appreciate advice!

Thank you  so much for the advice everyone! You have been so helpful!  I will keep you all updated as to what the letters say when I recieve them and how the recons go!

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Re: New to credit and would appreciate advice!

Update: Denied st VS due to limited credit history but approved for the Discover More card with $500 CL! =) Citi is still processing.

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Re: New to credit and would appreciate advice!

Congrats!!! I thought the minimum with Discover was 1k hehe. Please let us know about Citi Smiley Happy

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