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New to the mid 600s

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Re: New to the mid 600s

I was recently approved for a discover more after having a settled account with them 6 years back.  


Also got a Cap1 cash rewards, and Amex Gold Card recently with scores in the 650 range.

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Re: New to the mid 600s

Just for S & G. I checked whogavemecredit and found out that I'm within range for an amex revolver

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Re: New to the mid 600s

OlegWasHere wrote:

i know we talked about citizens. im not sure if its the fact they gave me a card but i apped for that on jun 26 and got it with a 7-10 day letter. 

but from what i heard they give you the 500 limit no matter what as long as your info is correct. 


i apped for ae,walmart, and chase freedom and got instantly approved for all. 

so go for the chase freedom it has great rewards. the deal for 100 cash back ive already put on 300 in the first two weeks. 

paying it off next friday before it reports. 

(says my payment date is 10-6-12) crazy people think im going to let it sit there that long. 

the citizens card I got was from citizens bank/charter one bank. I do not have the scores for that card , but as an employee I was able to get the card. Unless there is a different citizens card, they for sure do not approve everyone.


I'll check out chase freedom, as soon as these balances update and my score jumps for a little comfort.

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Re: New to the mid 600s

sweetseptember79 wrote:

If I were you, I would definitely get a store card. Any store card through GEMB would be a good way to go. Old Navy, Gap, Walmart are just to name a few. Your credit history is probably short, so don't close the secured cards what ever you do. The age of your accounts is very important to your FICO score. Leave them at zero and use them from time to time and pay in full to show responsible spending with those banks. Since you have established credit with PNC and Citizens bank, why not try to get one of their unsecured cards?


I wouldn't go for the Discover card just yet. Discover likes to see a pristine credit history with responsible use of your credit lines. It is very important to establish long standing relationships with a bank. I opened one account with GEMB and now have several accounts with them. My Old Navy matured into a Visa over a couple of years. I started out with a $300 CL and now have a $4000 CL with them. I recently got a Discover more card and they were very thorough in the approval process, but the perks on the card are great. Good Luck with establishing your credit! Smiley Happy

The card with Charter one is unsecured. The PNC card I wanted to leave open for a year before apping for their unsecured. My credit card situation is a little tricky because I only have 2 cards, one is 8 months old (no lates) and the other I just got in June. (obviously no lates) so I might have to let these age a bit before apping, but I wanted to do a spree at the best possible time. I paid off my CC debt all on one card and left $30 on the other. myfico sim has my score in the 666-706 range after doing that. (who knows) so I thought about apping around christmas and possibly financing my gfs ring.


SIDE NOTE: I found a ring I like at zales. I used the whogavemecredit above and it seems people get approved easily, but is the amount youre approved for based on income at all? Id be interesting in using that, but not if the card is only $500. Im trying to get my cards out of the $500 limit range so that I can get CLIs and approved for higher limits on other cards.


total newbie over here!

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Re: New to the mid 600s

CALL PNC and get that monthly fee annualized.  I did.  Now my PNC secured charges a $36 annual fee instead of the $3 monthly fee

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Re: New to the mid 600s

It just comes out of my checking account. that way I can leave it at $0 and not worry about missing payments or anything.

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Re: New to the mid 600s


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Re: New to the mid 600s

jamesdwi wrote:

"if you don't have at least 2x cards with 6 months of age many prime cards will deny you." 



Is that a standard rule? I only have one card nearly a year old but thankfully my scores are in the low 700's and largly due to my auto credit history.

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