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Newbie CL question

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Newbie CL question

First post here so be gentle please. I'm new to the credit game and opened my first card (discover) in November. I opened my other accounts all within the last 6 months.


I'm wondering why my Old Navy limit is so low, compared to the rest. As for the redcard, I regret getting it after reading all the reviews here. Will is hurt to SD the target card since they rarley give CLI anyway? 


Discover- $3200
Barclay Visa- $1700
amazon- $1400
walmart- $1000
old navy-$200

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Re: Newbie CL question

GE cards like Old Navy gives CLI's after about 4 months, you may have to request it on the site, you can also check the backdoor number sticky and call GE credit solutions. Even without calling if you use the card and make all your payments it will grow unless you have other baddies. You can even get CLI's with balances reported. My GE cards except for my paypal card ($2k) started at less than a $1000, they are now all over $3000 CL, oldest GE card is 25 months. Newest is 9 months old, the Sam's Club store card, that got a $4000 CLI as its first CLI at 6 months of age.  Just takes time and a few requests if you are impatient and/or bored you can call the credit solutions number.

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