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Newbie questions: Why so many cards?

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Re: Newbie questions: Why so many cards?

I agree with @longtimelurker. Plus I am pretty new here, but I have been following before I created my account.  


@Open123 I always love your comments, they're so insightful.

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Re: Newbie questions: Why so many cards?

Thanks @longtimlurker @open123 @lawstudentcivilis.


I appreciate your candor.


I definitely don't think they are the gen pop in regards to cards. I completely grasp that these are people with a passion for the information, strategies and credit lifestyle.

I know I have an interest in it in the same way and from this board I finally found out how to approach my credit in a more hands on and diligent way.


I just didn't want to be missing something about having large amounts of cards if that meant a more positive credit score and if it was an ideal strsategy versus it being someone's preference or hobby.


I'm super happy to have had everyone share and clear it up for me.


I consider myself informed!


Smiley Happy



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