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Newbie rebuilding..what next?

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Re: Newbie rebuilding..what next?

No question, I'd choose USAA over Wells. They are much more user-friendly and lower fees, etc. Since you're lucky to qualify for full m'ship, that's the way to go. They are conservative for CCs, but so is Wells. And a secured CC w/them would be 2nd best only to Navy. But you could have 4 mos more credit history by the time you can join Navy, so I'd go ahead and join USAA (no HP) and app for a CC. I believe that you could either app for a secured CC, or app for a regular one, and they'll counter if you're not approved. Talk w/their CC dept. to be sure. Good luck! Smiley Happy


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Re: Newbie rebuilding..what next?

Thanks for all of the advice everyone. Good to know I really don't need a second retail card (for scoing purposes). I will work hard on getting those baddies off via GW letters. Still would like to get the free monthly TU score with that Wal-Mart card....will try to resist applying for it though. The original denial was before I got the CC. Time to get busy pestering Midland & Calvary Portfolio.

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