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Newcomer needs some card suggestions. Gardening is tough.

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Newcomer needs some card suggestions. Gardening is tough.

Hey everyone!  So here's my story:  When I first made an effort to become aware of my credit in February I checked my score only to be blown away that I had a sad score of 602 and TWO baddies.  Both were medical bills from when I was in college and the bills were being sent to my parents, as they paid all our insurance bills etc.  Both were small ($25 & $147) so I paid them both off and requested a deletion from the collection agencies (CAC Corp & Berks) and issued a dispute with the CRA's.  I never heard back from then until the other day when I checked my score - both were gone and my FICO score jumped up to 694 EQ.  My Experian from their credit monitoring site shows 712, 697 through TU credit monitor.


I got approved for my first baby limit ($300) card with Cap1 at the end of February with that really sad 600 score and it hasn't started reporting yet, even though it has been used & paid for.  It should better start reporting any day now.  I'm already annoyed that it's basically a useless limit (I use it and have to pay it immediately) and theres nothing "fun" about it, but I realize ya gotta start small.


Naturally I hadn't found these forums, got overly excited, and applied for Chase Freedom at the same time I got approved for Cap1 - got denied... which I now realize was a given considering they like to see a nice score and revolving credit history.   I have never been late on a student loan or car payment and am trying to now build up revolving credit history... when is a good time for me to apply for another card and with who?  I have banking accounts with Suntrust, Chase, and PenFed.  I also have an insurance through USAA, and I'm assuming I could get in to NFCU.  My Penfed car loan is recent (December).


Everyone talks about the Walmart Card but I don't/haven't/won't be shopping at Walmart so it seems like a useless card for me besides the monthly TU report they show.  I really want to pull the trigger on a Discover IT but I'm being a good girl and waiting for the TU baddie to come off and hold out for a few more months and let my Cap 1 also start reporting.  Is it possible to get in with Discover with around a 700 score and a lower revolving history?  I would like to get to the point when I can carry Chase, I like them as a bank and would definitely like to add a CC line with them.  In the meantime I would like to find another prime card I could get before applying to Chase again in a year or so.  Honestly, ANY advice would be welcome!


Starting Score (3/1/13): 602 MYFICO - Current Score (1/19/14): 735 EQ FICO, 732 TU Credit Monitor, ??? EXP
GOAL: 750 Across the board
In pocket $1500 CapOne Quicksilver, $2500 PPExtras, $5000 Discover IT, $750 VS, $250 Loft, $1500 WalMartCC, $1300 Nordstrom
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