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Next Step

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Next Step

I log on to the forum pretty much every day but very rarely post, call me a stalker, call me what you will. Smiley Wink But I was wondering if some of you experts can give me some advise on my next step.


My History:

Sept 2007 - Went to buy a car and found out my credit score was 398! I am not sure which bureau this was pulled from but I remembering the score at the dealership. I had a rough time in college and charged and didn't pay. I was never in extreme debt, but I just didn't like paying my bills. 


June 2009 - Had my credit pulled by a mortgage broker

Equifax-  536

Trans Union- 540

Experience - 606


September 2009 - With a ton of work paying down balances, making deals to get things removed, cleaning up mistakes, he pulled my credit again:

 Equifax- 647

Trans Union - -694

Experian - 696



Hovers around the above depending on my Cap 1 usage. 



My currently carry no debt but use my credit cards quite a bit since I travel for work.


Highlights and lowlights of my credit report: 


Capital One MC - Opened September 2009 at a $750 limit no balance

American Express  Platinum - Opened September 2009. I charge $6K - $10K per month and PIF the day before the statement cuts. 

First Premier - Opened October 2007. I just pay the monthly fee $350 Limit

Mortgage - Opened Oct 2009 

Car loan - (Mom cosigned ) Opened September 2007

Student Loans - Opened 2002 (late2 times (May 2007, Dec 2006))

Discover Card - Opened May 2001 Closed by Discover in 2005 but had a balance. Paid off in July 2009. Late 2 times (Dec 2007, Oct 2007) 

Energy Company - Showing a 120 day late in Aug 2007 I need to dig deeper on this one. it is showing that it was charged off but the last activity was Feb 2007.



 Please let me know what you think I should do now. I haven't missed a payment since Oct 2007 all of my current open accounts with the exception of the  student loans have no late pays.


Thank you!  







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Re: Next Step

In terms of CCs, you are spot on. I wouldn't add anymore at this time.
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Re: Next Step

Because this is on the CC forum:

Consider closing that FP - that's a rebuilder (and probably not a great one) and you're done with that phase of CC work.  You're covered well with your other cards.


And you might want to post these isses under rebuilding credit for some helpful advice -

Does Discover GW?  Maybe you could get those lates off.

And the energy company - you're right on needing to dig deeper on that one - a 120 day late has a big impact.


Good luck!

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