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No AMEX CLI for me...

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Re: No AMEX CLI for me...

Rather than closing prg I would look at downgrading it to zync and using it solely for cable and phone bill... Decreased AF and you still get some rewards with it...

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Re: No AMEX CLI for me...

Hi Empty -


If you don't mind me asking, what is your income? I've opened a couple of cards since my Costco TE approval in May, and I'm tying to weigh my approval odds of a cli in November...BTW, my come is low 6 figures.



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Re: No AMEX CLI for me...

Income is about 95-100k

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Re: No AMEX CLI for me...

Crashem wrote:

No one should expect a 3x cli be anywhere close to automatic.  I think we hear of a lot of approvals on 3x for people's first Amex revolver.  Amex often is a bit conservative so 3x takes it to extremely generous cl in 61 days.  Its the frequency and the method they do cli (soft) that make Amex revolvers easy to grow.  Given the information, doesn't surprise me you didn't get cli.  They weren't offering you more cl on subsequent Amex approvals.   For me, first Amex revolver half what they gave me on 2nd revolver even though 3-4 months separating apps.  For you, it went down and then stayed about the same.  Remember there is difference from risk perspective from giving someone 3 5k cards vs one with 15k.  Easier for Amex to take bigger losses on one card with big limit vs 3 smaller limit ones.   Funny thing, Amex has recently started allowing limits to be moved between cards.  so that is your backdoor method.  My guess is they stopped allowing limit movement given what I said above of it being higher risk during the wake of 2008 financial crisis.  However it is back now.  My recommendation is that you move a little limit around so you show higher limit card so computer can see you can handle it.  However don't move too much over so that difficult to get cl up on the now reduced cl card.  Ome technique that used to work was move limits over.  Cancel the crappy limit card.  Reapply for new card in couplloaf months later and get limits more similar to original cl on new card.  Hope that made sense,

Nice post Crashem (as usual). Lot of great points. Just wanted to throw it out there that Amex allows CL movement from a card only after 13 statements. 

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