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No Cap One CLI for me..

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Re: No Cap One CLI for me..

Roxlie wrote:
Wow Techno..and your scores are about 60-70 points higher than mine..I guess I shouldn't hold out much hope for a CLI in the next few months. Does anyone know if the Credit Steps program is a guaranteed increase?

Here's what I was told after multiple attempts to get a CLI. Finally, I found the backdoor number on this site, and spoke to a very nice rep. He gave me a $300 CLI (from $500 - lol). He told me that the reason I got the CLI (which, he says, was just "there" in the computer---I guess they were waiting for me to ask), was that the month prior, I had run the account up to over 50% utilization and paid it off. (I rarely used the card at all, because what good is a $500 CL?).
Anyway, he told me to run the thing up to around 50% of the CL, plus or minus, and then pay it off. Since then, I use it to buy my groceries and then run home and pay if off after I put the groceries away. lol. With 5 people in the house, that's pretty near half the CLI each time. I did that twice last month. I'm getting ready to call again for a CLI or a pruduct change so I can get some points or cash back or SOMETHING on this stupid card. ;-)
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Re: No Cap One CLI for me..

was this after you went thru the credit steps?
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