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No Credit History - Denied Capital One Secured

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Re: No Credit History - Denied Capital One Secured

WarJar101 wrote:

Tell 'em you make 25,000/yr or so...even if you don't. Their limit still will be crap anyway, but at least they'll approve you. Wing it a little bit, JUST a little bit.

Don't tell people to lie, especially on an app.

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Re: No Credit History - Denied Capital One Secured

Noone has ever verified my income. not even for my very first credit cads when i used to make 10k a year. I don't know if they have called my employer and even though it could bring consequences down the road, i don't see how someone cant't round up their numbers to improve chances if income is the problem.

Besides that, cap one approved me for $500 in the journey card. When i received the card, it said platinum on it and had the cash rewards program.

Discover also took me without credit history. When i called, the lady said there was no reason why my app should be rejected. When they confirmed my approval, they asked me if my limit was enough($1k). Unfortunately, i said yes and hanged up.
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Re: No Credit History - Denied Capital One Secured

My income hasn't been verified ever either, but I wouldn't suggest lying on an application. Even if you do get approved, and they don't verify it then, a lender may ask for proof of income during a CLI request and if you show something completely different your account may be closed.

In the apps it says that by agreeing to the T's&C's you say that all the information you provided is true, so lying isn't a good idea.
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