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No EMV on Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard?

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Re: No EMV on Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard?

LoveCardPerks wrote:


I'd suggest doing what I did, I emailed [MOD CUT] directly expressing my discontent.  Got a phone call from the executive office a day later.  Customers should voice their concens...




I was notified that Chase is in the process of ending the relationship with Mastercard, and my Chase Sapphire Preferred card will have to be 'converted' to a VISA.
I want to express my discontent of Chase limiting my consumer choice, and forcing me to switch my card products all to VISA.
I already have 2 VISA cards with Chase, having a Mastercard gave me opportunities to attend Mastercard-only events, and purchase from Master-card only vendors.  Now Chase is limiting my ability, and as a result will have to close this account and open a Mastercard with another bank.
Posting personal names /email address-Lexie, myFICO Moderator
What was the result of the phone call? Are you getting an EMV MC?


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