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No FTF card recommendations?


Re: No FTF card recommendations?

@disdreamin wrote:

Wanted to mention, I think it was Revelate who posted about the new card USAA has out, but it's not in my state yet and I don't see that card being feasible long-term. I can move $1k of direct deposits to USAA if necessary, but really want a card for the long haul.

While there will always be naysayers, if USAA does end up offering the 2.5% "Limitless Rewards" card nation-wide (as is expected) I personally would (and will) go with it.  USAA is not known for nerfing their products, and they tend to be very deliberate with their offerings.  While anything is always possible, I'm not afraid of the product suddenly being taken away.


Revelate said in the other thread that he planned to app for it himself once it comes to his state (as am I)... I'm just saying that if it was me and I was specifically looking for a Visa I wouldn't close that door just yet... Smiley Wink

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