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No Target Auto CLI for first time

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Re: No Target Auto CLI for first time

The only thing I've had so far run like clockwork, is my statement. #nosoupforme

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Re: No Target Auto CLI for first time

I haven't had an increase in a year and a half, I think? 🤷 

Last HP 09-14-2020

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Re: No Target Auto CLI for first time

@user979797 wrote:

I've posted over the years about my Redcard and how I have had it for years and never gotten a increase until a few years ago when they put me on the auto cli and I posted about it but every 3 months I would get a auto increase of around 3 or 400. I've been waiting and hoping my card will get the MC upgrade as I have had it for many years and it's my oldest account.


Yesterday like clockwork my statement cut but no AUTO increase. This has never happened before and I do not remember reading any posts where people on the auto cli train suddenly stop getting increases so I was hoping to see if any of you know anything about this. I'll post stats.


Opened in 2012 Never late never overlimit never maxed all the way out

credit score is much higher now than when i obtained the card and my other accounts are either at zero or under 30% utilization. I have no   loans or any other types of credit and my inquiries have not increased and are currently at 2 across all three CRAs. Heavy usage. either pay in full or pay under 30% and update income once a year updated last month.





Hmmmn. Bummer.


Typically you get the MasterCard upgrade when your  spending limit gets to $6k


As mentioned, there is a June/Dec increase cycle.

I got an increase from $11k to $13k in December.


I will be reporting back in July if I get bumped up to $15k.



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Re: No Target Auto CLI for first time

I have had no auto CLI's  .. since I stopped using it about 6 months ago.

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