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No credit card offers in the mail

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No credit card offers in the mail

Hey guys,


New to the form (at least posting on it) and I have a quick question. I used to ALWAYS receive tons of offers in the mail for credit cards every week. Around Xmas time, my debit card from my bank account was used by someone overseas so needless to say I put a fraudulent message on my credit reports just to be on the safe side. Ever since then, I never receive offers in the mail anymore. My question is do I view this as a negative that lenders do not want to offer me credit? Or what could it be? From what I remember I never asked for credit offers to stop coming through the mail so when I see the sudden drop in offers it really worries me. As you can see from my siggy below, my credit scores are pretty good. Can anyone answer this for me? 

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Re: No credit card offers in the mail

I think companies have slowed down on this to be honest, my parents have 800's and i 750's and to be honest we don't get a lot anymore. My parents would get every company under the sun from AMEX plat, to Capt 1 no frills. Now I mostly get Citi, i won't open a card with them becuase my parents had biz cards with them and were not very nice when someone sole my dads card at his job and we needed the charge removed so after that 6 month fight of on the phone and faxing tons of paperwork we just throw them away. My parents still get ones from like capt 1 and i think chase but maybe once a month. Compared to them getting like 5 card offers a day. 

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Re: No credit card offers in the mail


I wouldn't read anything into it ~ I think that a lot of companies have shifted away from direct mail marketing towards other channels like social media, email, etc... so there is less mail going around.    Also remember that these types of pre~approval mailers don't really mean that you have an actual offer, but rather they are just an indication that you meet a particular demographic that is being marketed to.

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Re: No credit card offers in the mail

I used to never get them, now I'm avg. x2/wk


Just yesterday was the SWA Chase Visa w/ 2 free flights after 1st purchase.


That was a tempting offer that was hard to throw away.  I've ALWAYS wanted that card since moving up here to TN. 

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