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No more Macys Rehab

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No more Macys Rehab

I had a friend call today about her old Macys account. Effective Feb 22, 2010 Macys can no longer rehab past due store accounts. They also told her they had not ever rehabbed the Visa accounts. The rep Ms. Johnson said they had no news if or when they would ever be able to offer that program again so I guess if you got rehabbed before the new credit card bill you got in a sweet deal and if you waited your SOL for now. Just thought people would like to know.

PS Macys said it will still take payments to remove you from their list of previous nonpayers so you can reapply for a new Macys account but they wont just setup a new account with the balance of the old one as the new credit guideline. Now you get whatever you qualify for after running a credit check.


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