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No more luv for US Bank!!

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Re: No more luv for US Bank!!

My concern is that sometimes envelopes like this do specifically say "do not forward" on them.  I will check with my post office to see what they have to say about it before I contact the CCC.  Luckily, I am still in the same town, so it shouldn't be a problem.
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Re: No more luv for US Bank!!

They did it AGAIN!  Went on a family vacation a couple weeks ago.  I had used my US Bank card to hold a boat reservation.  When I went to pick up the boat, they tried running my card so they could put a $300 hold on it for the security deposit, but it was declined.  I knew I had at least $500 available credit, so I called US Bank to find out why I was declined.  Turned out they CLD'd me from $900 to $500 the previous day.  Luckily, I had another card to put the hold on. 


After having an $1100 limit and having no problems with handling it for a year and half with my secured card, I have already been CLD's down to $500 a few months after unsecuring it.  I wish I would have just left the thing secured.


To add insult to injury, some of my ex-wife's medical bills popped up in collections a couple weeks later.  I paid over $4000 last fall to pay for all (or so I thought) of her medical bills to get them off my reports.  My reports were finally clean of collections.  Then, out of nowhere, 2 more pop up that I never knew anything about.  Now, I am afraid to pay anything more than the minimum payment on my US Bank card cuz I'm afraid they are going to balance chase me all the way down.  I have had this card reporting $0 balance every month for almost a year now cuz I have always made sure to pay it off each month before reporting--now, they have scared me into keeping the card nearly maxed out to avoid further CLD's.

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Re: No more luv for US Bank!!

Well you're a bigger man than I would be. B of A CLD me 2X by a total of 5 figures. So I cancelled the worthless plastic from them and closed my checking and savings while I was at it. I know they don't care but made me feel REALLY good! Smiley Happy I hope your new Visa works out and you get the 3500 CL .
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