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No preapprovals because...?

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Re: No preapprovals because...?

I'm very reluctant to apply for another credit card with anyone; I feel I've been given a ton of credit and any new applications would really jeopardize my current accounts. Unless I get a true preapproval, I mustn't apply. I keep the share account with Penfed and USAA just to I'm "in" but I really don't want to pull the trigger on any new apps. Though it is good to know that they seem more than willing to work with their customers and helped you out of a jam IOBA.

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Re: No preapprovals because...?

I had to show them the logic of working with me while DH was deployed.   Another thing I voluntarily did was stop using the cc.  Well, DH had it, and he was scared to use it.


If you want more with Penfed, you should consider growing your balance or increasing your products there.


And yeah, they are good to their customers.  Smiley Happy

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