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No what? How do I effectively use my CL's?

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No what? How do I effectively use my CL's?

Zero debt except my mortgage. No car payments, no credit cards, no more student loans. So far I've recv'd my new Discover, BofA Rewards and am still awaiting my CSP. I closed out my Credit One bank card earlier this week. I'm really looking forward to getting the CSP (hopefully tomorrow!)

Here's my current lineup with limits:


CSP: 7500

Discover: 6500

Amex Biz: NPSL

Citi Diamond: 5000

Cap One: 4000

Local Credit Union: 500


I'm also an AU on the following cards in my wife's name:

Chase Freedom: 2000

Citi Dividends: 1000

Amex Costco: 3000

Macys Visa: 4000


None of these cards have balances. My current FICO is 667. I would like to get to 700 then 750. How would you utilize these CL's month to month with the intent of improving your score? What is the maximum you'd put on each card before rotating it out?

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Re: No what? How do I effectively use my CL's?

Your credit score is a living entity; it is constantly changing and growing. I would suggest figuring out when your credit cards are most typically reporting to the bureaus. Remember that they may all report in a typical pattern, but they all may also report off cycle.


That said, use them to to their fullest potential (i.e. earn those rewards!). The only time you should really worry about the score is when you may be seeking new credit. As long as you keep solid payment history, your scores will continue to grow. Worry about the maximization of your credit scores (with utilization) when you anticipate applying for new credit. Daily and weekly usage will not make a difference on your credit score; all that will matter is what balance is reported from the bureaus.

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Re: No what? How do I effectively use my CL's?

I called a few of the issuers and was told that they typically report within five days of the statement end date. I've planned autopays accordingly

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