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Nobody laugh...but

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Re: Nobody laugh...but

My first card was JC Penneys (1984 I think), for $150.00...we all gotta start somewhere...

Starting Score: TU 686 EX 641 EQ 690
Current Score: TU 779 EX 767 EQ 740
Goal Score: 800 Club

BCE $12.5K, 5/3 Sig $10K, Wally Discover 10K, Cash+ $9K Sam's Discover 10K, Freedom $6K, Zales $5.5K, More $5K, Cap one $5K, Barclay 2.5K, Household Plat $1.5K, Household Gold $1.5K, Credit One $1K, First Premier Plat $.675K First Premier Gold $.65K
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Re: Nobody laugh...but

Congrats! Many of us here had to start with a secured card; you're way ahead in the game! Smiley Wink

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Re: Nobody laugh...but

Congrats to offers are beneficial the free fico, the cash back up to a certain amount, the o% offer on electronics if you spend a certain amount, and most of all the cli every 4 months. They are lovable. Congrats again!

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Re: Nobody laugh...but

This is very exciting!!! Thank you, I didn't realize there THAT many perks!! YAY!!! 

"When you are down in the mouth, remember, everything turned out ok for Jonah."

Current FICO's(by lender) 10/9/12
EX:649, EX:651, TU:683
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Re: Nobody laugh...but

Great Start. Congrats!  Smiley Very Happy

CL $317,649
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Re: Nobody laugh...but

That is an excellent start and you should be very pleased.  My son, who is just a student but earns money through his research job on campus, got a $300 limit USAA card as his first credit card ever during his first year of college.  A year after that he applied for another card with them and they gave him a second card with a $4,000 limit.


Good things like that are in store for you !

Too many accounts; too many debts; lots of open credit, and lots of utilized credit. Scores somewhere in the 600s - I have no earthly idea exactly what number, but not 700 like it was, briefly.
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Re: Nobody laugh...but

After owning my home for 15 months credit cards were thrown at me its a nice feeling to get that "YOUR APPROVED"

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Re: Nobody laugh...but

Congrats!!!!! I had to start over from square one 4 years ago....Got a First Premier with $250...and....NEVER want to be in that situation again!!! Take care of your card!!!

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Re: Nobody laugh...but

S7 wrote:

I just applied for my first ever CC..and I chose a walmart CC,( still in the rebuilding stage) and was approved for $400.  My very first CC!!! No laughing! 



so cute! lol jk congrats =) lmao jk Smiley Wink

seriously congrats =D

total credit limits $108,400 Credit scores Ex 728 EQ 738 TU 758
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Re: Nobody laugh...but

I started with a 200 dollar secured card from the worst card in the world. So you getting approved for that is a blessing. Make sure you never spend more than 50 bucks or so and for your first purchase let a very small balance report. Then for the remaining balances pay in full. Within 4 to 6 months it will be at 800 or more. Well no guarantees but there's a good chance.

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