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Nordstrom APR

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Nordstrom APR

Hey guys!


I have previously read somewhere that Nordstrom will reduce your APR..


Is this after 12months? How exactly does that work with Nordstrom?

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Re: Nordstrom APR

Let me know what you find out. I have been trying to see if Nordstrom would reduce the interest rate for me.

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Re: Nordstrom APR


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Re: Nordstrom APR

There used to be 4 APR tiers and the analysts could check to see if you were eligible for a decrease to a lower tier level.....that was before TD Bank took over.....I was able to go from Tier 4 which was 22% down to Tier 1 which is 11% in about 2 years.   I would just call and ask if you're eligible for a reduction.....there didn't seem to be a specific interval of time back then.......

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