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Nordstrom CLI... ugh


Nordstrom CLI... ugh

Hi All! It's been a while since I last posted, but thought I'd tell you about an incident. 


So I've had my Nordstrom store card (WHICH I LOVE!) since June of last year. The only CLI I requested was when I was first approved from 1k to 3k. In February, I went to pay my bill from a new account that I'd set up. I inadvertently put in the incorrect account number (transposed a number) which bounced back the payment. This was well before the due date, so I had time to fix it. Once I did, I arranged to have the payment come from my regular account that I'd been using, and it successfully posted. Again, well before the due date.


Fast forward to last week... I have read here to ask for a CLI after 6 months, and realized that I hadn't asked for one, so I called to inquire. They said due to that payment snafoo, they were only able to offer me $500 CLI. AHHHHHHHHHH I wanted to scream! Has anyone else encountered this type of issue? I've never been late. EVER. I actually have a higher income and credit score than when I originally apped, and explained that to the CSR (who was very polite, patient, and helpful btw). He said there was nothing at all he could do, and apologized. 


So thoughts? Should I call back? Should I try to speak to someone else? Or just let it blow with the wind? I really wanted the Siggy card, but not for any reason other than to have it. (Bad, I know, please hold back on judging me! LOL) Of course I accepted the $500, but I've read so much about everyone's good experiences with Nordstrom CLI and wanted to have the same...  Smiley Sad


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Re: Nordstrom CLI... ugh

I just got a CLI  of $1750 on my Nordies and I'm also trying to get to the magic minimum of $5k so I can switch to the siggy! You do know you can request a CLi every 4 months, they also like to see you charge on the card and pay it off in a month or two. Give that a try and on the 4th month make sure your at $0 balance and I bet you will get at least $1k increase! 

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