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Nordstroms question

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Nordstroms question

I really, really want a Nordstroms card as they are building a new one in's gonna be awesome and I already shop online there...I have some questions first though..


First of all does anyone know if they are BK friendly as I have a Ch 7 from 2004..


Second..what about inquiries, I have 5 on Eq which I think what the primarly pull..would that prevent me from getting a card??


Any input would be most helpful!!


As always Thanks!!

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Re: Nordstroms question

Hi bamagirl,


Can't speak about the BK since I have not had one. (knock on wood), but when I applied for Nordstrom I had 6 INQ's on my EQ (three form a car loan) and was denied for too many INQ's.  This was back in November.


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Re: Nordstroms question

I dont know if they are BK friendly, but I do know they dont like too many inq's in a 3 month period.  I got denied for 3 inquiries within 3 months of app.  I called the number on the denial letter and the very nice person I spoke to said to try again after 3 months with no inquiries and I shouldnt have a problem with getting approved.
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Re: Nordstroms question

I can't answer if they are bk friendly.But im sure someone here will chime in about that. I was approved about 10 months ago with a fico of 713 and they did pull EQ and also TU.

BTW I think Nordstrom has the best customer service out there...

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Re: Nordstroms question

Dont know about Bk. I got my card when my scores were around 680 on EQ. They gave me $2k Store card and later upgraded to Visa. Now it is at $9k CL and hoping to get a Cl to $10K in the next 4 months or so. 
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Re: Nordstroms question

Great customer service, be aware they don't seem to offer balance transfer offers, at least from what I've read. I think they are looking at 700+ for their Visa cards and 680 for the store card, but I don't have the link to where I saw that
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Re: Nordstroms question

Hi, I just recieved a Nordstrom store credit card last month(although the only reason I applied I was sent a pre-qualified letter in the mail) I do have a BK on my credit report from year 99,they pulled EQ only my score at the time was 685 and 2 inquiries at that time, cl given $750.00  Hopefully that helps.  Good Luck.

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