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Anyone got approved for a nordstroms card lately? what were your credit scores? And how many inquires did u have? WAs it a store card or Visa?
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Re: Nordstroms

Last weekI was denied by Nordstrom Bank for the Visa, and my scores are ~739. I've used my credit very little lately, I don't like the game.


I called and asked for a reconsideration and they told me no, the reason given was "not enough active current accounts". They told me flatout they didn't care about my score. Nordstrom bank is strict. Haha to them, I spend a lot of money there, and I'll never go there again. They don't need me, I don't need them.


I applied for an HSBC Platinum and got it.

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Re: Nordstroms

For future reference.... Is it best to first get the store card... pay on it for a couple of years and wait to get invited?


A good site to see what others are getting with certain scores:


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Re: Nordstroms

WOOZY- with a great score like that i am surprised you got turned down. honestly as a cardholder of nordys they used to be my favorite visa but its getting harder to say that these days. sometimes i think they lost all bells and whistles over at headquarters.
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Re: Nordstroms

Woozy, I wish i had your scores. I cant beleive you got denied credit with a score over 700. AS you say if they dont want your business take it somewhere else.
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Re: Nordstroms

I hated to waste a pull on a store card. I wanted to get a bank card if I was going to waste a pull.


I'm just now wising up that you can't ignore credit just because you're uninterested in it. CB's have more power and less acountability than they should. Everything is a scam for someone to make money, and we're just the cannon-fodder.


I think it's funny that you can't buy a house unless you owe for a car and a bunch of crap you bought on cards. Deniied because of lack of indebtedness. Sheesh.

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Re: Nordstroms

Sorry to hear about the denial. Smiley Sad

Did it literally say "denied for a lack of indebtedness"? That's a new one on me.

I know there are people who've been approved for mortgages without car loans and with low or no util on their cards. (It does help to have cards, though.)
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Re: Nordstroms

They don't care about the score, baloney.  They don't care about the score when it is close to yours but when your are below 700, it's about the score!
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Re: Nordstroms

From what I understand, Nordstrom is inquiry sensitive. I got approved for a store card Sept 09 with 2k limit. I had zero inquiries on EQ and hadn't applied for new credit in years. My scores at the time were around 660 or so. I had several accounts in good standing, at that time, probably 16 goodies with two bad accounts that are about 2 years old.


For the record, I spoke to a representative about getting upgraded to a Visa, about two weeks ago. He told me that typically you should have a store card for about seven months and a score in the 700's and obviously they look at your income as well.  I was told that they do not invite you (maybe they did at one time) to apply for their Visa product, but you have to call and request it.  Now, this is one CSR, so perhaps if I called again, I could very well get a different response.

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Re: Nordstroms

elaine829 wrote:
Anyone got approved for a nordstroms card lately? what were your credit scores? And how many inquires did u have? WAs it a store card or Visa?

My score were in the upper 700's at the time of app'ing and got declined.  I had too many recent inquiries on the EQ report.  They were the last who I app'ed with.  I have 11 good cards now, so am content with what I have.  I'm now letting my AAoA's rebound.

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