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Not a bad deal - Target CC / or Debit card

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Re: Not a bad deal - Target CC / or Debit card

I did the $40 off $100 yesterday. The exclusions aren't that bad tbh. I focused on groceries and non-persihables. I find the prices of groceries at Target to be in line with other stores. Stocking up on meat, vegetables, and other goods pushed the total to $50. (Might as well stock up on things like chips, pasta, nuts, cookies, coffee, etc since they have a long shelf life.)


Other things I bought were household items I was going to buy anyways. So like laundry detergent, shampoo, soap, bounty, etc--another $50. One thing I will note is I found some items like Charmin rolls to be more expensive than buying in bulk at Costco. 


Check out the Target app too. You can stack coupons/offers. Right now there's a $3 off tide coupon which can combined with the offer where you buy 2 and get a $10 gift card. Lots of other offers from 20% off skincare products to 50% off those small Oreo baggies. Works great. I added my RedCard to the app and don't even have to carry the physical card. 


All in all, spent $105 at Target but only paid $54 after the $40 coupon and other cartwheel discounts. Only complaint about the RedCard is the poor online management. There's no app to manage your card and the website is buggy. 

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