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Not the result I wanted from USAA

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Not the result I wanted from USAA

So I applied for the USAA World card and was approved for Platinum with a 4000 CL instead.  I was really hoping for a larger limit.  Does USAA allow for recon on initial credit limit?


Am i able to use the same hard inquiry towards the USAA Amex?

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Re: Not the result I wanted from USAA


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Re: Not the result I wanted from USAA

Call USAA and speak to underwriting. Explain your needs and why you expected higher.  It's worth a shot, but they may pull another HP for the additional credit.

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Re: Not the result I wanted from USAA

At least you got a real card from USAA. I have a good income, decent limits on other cards and own a home. All of my insurance policies are through USAA as well as an IRA.


With (then) similar scores, I was denied any real cards and offered the weak secured card instead. I declined.

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