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Now I REALLY think we need Chase Amazon!

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Now I REALLY think we need Chase Amazon!

So the past couple weeks my partner and I have been working on cash flow, credit cards for daily use, credit cards for large purchases, what we spend where, etc. etc. you know... well most companies and sites Im finding (think I just always ignored before on purpose) anyway have tools to simply give dates and all or certain transactions and give you total... well just did 01/01/2012 til TODAY and we spent $3,847.70

Now while that might not be much if we bought Computers, Printers, Appliances and such... We have not!

I order a lot of my gluten Free things, and most small or quick last minute thoughts/needed items since we have Prime and Amazon uses Trac something rather that usually delivers next day regardless if it's 1,2, or ground shipping ordered becuase it's just coming from outside of where we are.... so if it's available on Prime I order it, much of the time under $10!


~ Most of this $3800 went on Amazon Store or lately Navy Federal now getting 1.5% but probably less than $1k went on a different card from the amazon store earning nothing!


~ Also been looking at partners Amex Costco because he is just under $19,000.00 in spending and much of it is at 1% so i want that changed.

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Re: Now I REALLY think we need Chase Amazon!

I don't know how you feel about Citibank, but their Forward card also seems like a good option for you Amazon purchases.

5 ThankYou points per dollar at restaurants, movie theaters, and bookstores (including Amazon). If you redeem for travel or student loan/mortgage rebates, it 's 1 cent per TYP, and other options average about .8 cents per TYP. You would have Amazon covered as well as eating out and going to the movies.

Costco might be more difficult, as they only accept Amex and warehouse stores are usually never a bonus category. Some alternatives might be the Fidelity 2% Amex (if you have a Fidelity account already) or the BofA 1.25% Accelerated Rewards Amex.
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Re: Now I REALLY think we need Chase Amazon!

I really enjoy my amazon card. Don't forget there is 2% on drugstores; gas; and restaurants.

Love chase amazon!

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Re: Now I REALLY think we need Chase Amazon!

I recently applied for Chase Amazon and was shot down. Seems they didn't like the fact that I boned 'em a dozen years ago. Long memory it seems. Also if I remember correctly they pulled TU, which is my worst score 'cause is shows a med collect from a few years back. Oh well, I'm sure I'll never end up being a Chase customer again. ~kn

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Re: Now I REALLY think we need Chase Amazon!

I am happy with Chase Amazon which gives 3% exclusively on all Amazon purchases and you can use points for next purchase right away- No minimums

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Re: Now I REALLY think we need Chase Amazon!

Citi Forward is the way to go here.  You can redeem for some gift cards at a 1 to 1 ratio as well.  It is definitely one of my favorite cards in my wallet.

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