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Now that I know Chase pulls Equifax

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Re: Now that I know Chase pulls Equifax

did2009 wrote:

Yesterday I put an investigation for EX on a derog, and I just received an email that it has been deleted.  Now I have to wait on TU to delete it and i'm all set.


Now at least BofA will approve me because they pulled EX (they told me to wait until the derog is taken off the EX and then they'll approve me.) 

Wow that was a fast reply from EX. You mind sharing how you got such a fast response? Specially through an email.

12/2009 - EQ - 678
12/2009 - TU - 690
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Re: Now that I know Chase pulls Equifax

I called BofA (who declined me for the derog on Ex) and they told me that I could dispute the derog since it was paid, plus the website was on the denial letter.  So I got a free report since I was declined by BofA, then I pressed a button to dispute the derog.....just one day later, it was removed.  Now i'm waiting of TU so i'll be home free.


I don't think they'll pull TU because if they do, i'll be declined for sure until that disappears from their reporting.  I'm surprised the student credit card Chase has is a MC not a Visa.  I'll use that to pay my cell phone bill each month. 

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Re: Now that I know Chase pulls Equifax

I just got approved for $1500 on Chase!  It took a while for that approval, but i'm very happy!  That means i'm closing my Indigo and 1st Premier cards and paying some off on Belk.  Smiley Happy   I received a Dillard's card today also for $450, but I don't think i'll use it until I pay off some of my other GEMB cards.  I'm also keeping my Credit One card because it builds up every 6 months and also it's my newest Visa/MC besides my Chase card that I haven't got yet, even though I only have a $200 limit on the card.


Let me ask...since I have a Chase checking account (formerly Wamu free checking), could I just do a balance transfer to my checking from my credit card and then pay off those 2 cards using bill pay?  I'll be SO happy when those 2 cards are cut up so instead of paying $65 a month (minimum) i'll pay like $20 or so! 


Wow!  Taking that derog off my Ex and TU, while having now a 735 on EQ has got me a decent card with a good CL.   

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