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OMG! Just got approved for USAA Amex!

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OMG! Just got approved for USAA Amex!

I cannot believe this. I still have butterflies. I received an "Invitation" to apply in the mail over the weekend. I opted out of offers 2 years ago so I was surprised when I saw this.


Anyway, I debated on whether I should apply because I didn't want a wasted inquiry. I bit the bullet and applied just now. I got instantly approved for $3k credit limit at 11.9%. My highest limit to date was $700. I just got my scores up to 703 and opened a Roth last month so I'm wondering if that was the kicker.


Anyway, I am so happy. I worked hard over the past 2 years on my credit and I'm finally seeing my fruits.


Now, I am thinking about closing my Credit One card and next year I will have a funeral for my Orchard Bank card. Smiley Happy

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Re: OMG! Just got approved for USAA Amex!

Congrats! That's a good limit to start with.


Since you're a customer of USAA, that's why you get preapprovals, even when you're opted out.


I think there's a mechanism for opting out of offers from businesses that you already do business with, but that's beyond the basic opt-out that I think you chose.

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Re: OMG! Just got approved for USAA Amex!

Congratulations!  It's great to hear of your success in rebuilding! 

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