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OMG NO WAY Discover!!!!!

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Re: OMG NO WAY Discover!!!!!

HiLine wrote:

linux007969 wrote:

Aparently even though i have a Motiva card, i am still entitled to the cash back deals they advertize each quarter on tv, cuz I called them to cancel my score tracker service (i decided i did't want it after all) anyway the rep from Arazona said today was the last day to signup & stock up on groceries and i was like ok (thinking she didn't know what card i had) So later i saw the grocery offer and a Phone and TV offer, I just used my BankAmericard Cash Rewards for groceries yesterday, so i thought i would try the phone and tv offer for the heck of it and see if it let me sign up, and it did! I was able to signup for their 2% cash back on their Phone & TV promo.  I thought i wasnt able to signup for these offers since the card is not for those kinds of offers, as it was designed for paying off a balance over time to earn cash back?

May be a system error. If you're curious, try making a small grocery purchase and see if the promo cash back will post.

i'll see what happens with the Phone and TV promo.  For the promo to work, once you sign up ur phone or tv bill has to be set up as an automatic payment, so i went into my verizon wireless account and setup auto pay and to use my discover card, so i guess we'll see. Any idea when cash back posts to discover accounts?


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Re: OMG NO WAY Discover!!!!!

Applied online for Discover Motiva, said app was pending.  Called RECON # and was approved for Motiva with $1000 Limit

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