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ORCHARD Card gone


ORCHARD Card gone

Well I've had the HSBC Orchard card with a $500 limit since 08 when I needed to start over.  I've raised my scores from the low 500s to 635-683 depending on bureau.  I have been looking to get a big boy card and researching scores needed an approved all over the web.  Make more money than i ever have and have no mortgage payment nor car payment.  Pretty much decided I could qualify for Quicksilver One but then though to be sneaky I would call CapOne and tell them I have Orchard, and Best Buy with them and have never been granted a CLI - "should I apply for QSone or just ask for a CLI on my Orchard? "  :-)   Thinking I might avoid a hard pull. 

The guy who sounded like he might be in Jamaica and was in a very busy call center told me today is the first day of the change over from Orchard to CapOne and it was his first day working the account.  Said all Orchards are going to be switched to QS One cards.  I checked my Orchard account online and was told to reregister with CapOne which I did. HE said I could try the online CLI or the phone automation.  I tried online and was given the 10 day response ;-(

Anyway, thought some of you might want to know today is the day.

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Re: ORCHARD Card gone

Just got off the phone with c1, they said that the new card will be a capital one classic card.. not a QS 

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Re: ORCHARD Card gone

yeah the quicksilver is for people that had the cash back feature on there cards. the other get the classic card.

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Re: ORCHARD Card gone

did the migration today on my orchard...mine changed to a platinum...gonna wait a bit and try to pc or at least get a cli and cut the annual fee.

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Re: ORCHARD Card gone

My account migrated yesterday and it's just listed as a Platinum MasterCard. The new card I'm supposed to get it pretty plain looking so I already went and designed a new one on the Image Card site.

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