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October AA Meeting

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Re: October AA Meeting

maiden_girl wrote:

LOL this thread is too funny.


I've been app free for 23 days. Smh...the joy of getting that approval but the low of getting that denial and the inquiry. *sigh* No more apps!

Way to go maiden_girl!!  Hang in there.

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Re: October AA Meeting

AZHeather I will be a Gator fan also when you play FSU. Go Gators!!

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Re: October AA Meeting

alboto wrote:
AZHeather I will be a Gator fan also when you play FSU. Go Gators!!

Smiley Very Happy

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Re: October AA Meeting

AZHeather wrote:

Hi, my name is AZHeather and I am an appoholic.  I have been app free for 129 days.  My app of choice is currently Amex. 


Several times a week I log on to Amex, enter my info, and hover over the submit button.  Then I reason with myself, picture my FICO scores, and close the window.  I am close, oh so close, thinking of how great that feeling is of reading “You Are Approved!"  Not to mention, getting the card in the mail; feeling the slick plastic in my hand; running my fingers over the raised letters of my name; hearing the noise of the activation label peeling off the card; signing the back knowing – it’s mine -; and the wonderful feeling of it sliding into place in my wallet.  That’s the high. 


The low is waking up the next morning with an inquiry!  Oh that ugly inquiry that drives your FICO scores down.  And heaven forbid the inquiry is for not - the denial.  Yes, I said it - the denial!  The thing that pops up on the screen screaming, “YOU ARE NOT CREDITWORTHY!”  The inquiry from the denial, you know, the one that other creditors down the road will see when they HP you and see that while you have the inquiry from Amex, you do not have one on your report.  The shame!!


That thought is what makes me close the window; not click the submit button.  Not yet.  Not now.  I am not ready.  I know this.  One year app free, that is my goal.  I will achieve it with a little help from my fellow appoholics.

This made me laughSmiley LOL .... only because it's so true!!!!! Smiley Very Happy  The only thing keeping me from app'ing for barclays apple is that my computer still works lol

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Re: October AA Meeting

Duncanrr wrote:

rosegardener wrote:

Duncanrr wrote:
Hello. My name is Duncan and its been almost a month since my last drapping (drunk apping). I had a close scare and nearly crashed my FICO score into a wall of denial. I was able to pull out if the slide before crashing into the wall (successful recon).

My new car is in the shop (thanks to temporary high utilization) and I hope to have it running for the early summer season. If I'm able to fight off my drapping I hope to one day race jets with other FICO high flyers!

Drapping FTW!!!!


What's on tap for this weekend?  BCP? NFCU? JPM?  Smiley Tongue



LSU vs. Florida, day game (I dont get as out of control on those Smiley Wink ).  No apping for me this month.  My utilization on my low limit crap1 card dropped my scores like 40 points.  Statement this month isnt due until the 24th so Im in forced app freeze till then.  Btw, that is one very effective and temporary anti-app tonic.  Only problem is Im fearful of my new card creditors pulling report right now.


Roommate has moved in and will join NFCU at beginning of November (was my original target date for app spree before Hurricane Isaac forced my hand).  I'll then lay low until refi in June and after refi I think Im going to target the following cards: 1. BCP or BCE, 2. CSP, 3. AMEX SPG; and 4. Citi forward.  I'll probably also seek CLI from my two Chase cards.


I'll be set then without the need to app for any more credit.  I would have all the cards I want (exception being a Discover card and maybe a Barclays cards but those are wants not needs).  Ill have relationships established with these prime lenders: WF, AMEX, Chase and Citi (also NFCU and GECRB).  That will take my cards up to a total of 12.  Once I drop the crap1 secured card then I'll be close to my target number of 10 (would have 11 cards).

Crap one will get you every time.  But, necessary tools when you need them.  It sounds like your plan is very solid!  Good for you!  I highly recommend Citi.  My personal experience with them has been great and their fraud department is on top of it.  (And their fraud reps will straight chew out Expedia reps when Expedia's website glitches...ask me how I know LOL)


And after your refi you can always drapp for the cards you want....nothing like planned drapping!!


In the wallet: USAA MC $4k, Citi Expedia MC $2k, Discover More $1k, Zync $500, American Eagle $1.9k, Amazon Store $1.5k, Lowes $1k, Belk $1.4k, Macy's $500, Abercrombie $350, VS $350
Score: 702 (Discover approval 08/03)
Goal: 800 Club
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Re: October AA Meeting

Cute thread.


I think that I am a recovering app aholic.... 58 days sober...  Smiley Tongue

Gardening 18 Apr 2018-01 Nov 2018. Race me for the Gold!
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Re: October AA Meeting

@Rosegardener. After papers are signed for refi there will be some planned celebratory drapping. Probably Citi or CSP first then the AMEX's.

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Re: October AA Meeting

Quitting is for losers!!

TU 715 No apps to 05/13 cash+ 5/13!!! 738 TU CSP April 13!!!CSP approved May 13!!!

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