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Odd - Capital One Reporting

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Odd - Capital One Reporting

I have been trying to Goodwill a late payment from Capital One for DH that dated back to September 2007 - it was his only late payment on that account since 2001 when he opened and I was hoping if we could get it off then we could add me as an AU.


They kept saying no (shocker)


Today I got his credit check total report and it is not showing on there... fantastic... but, this is the weird bit he is now only showing 12 months of payment history.  Before it has always shown two years and now it only shows from May 2008 until today.  I went on to Transunion site and got his report from there directly and same thing only 12 months of history.  Everything else is still correct - date opened, balance, limit etc etc.  If it isn't on there does that mean that no one will see the 30 day late any more? Is it safe to add me as an AU? Is there a chance it will come back.


So odd

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Re: Odd - Capital One Reporting

So are you saying that the card is still reporting, but they've chopped the length of reported history down to 12 months?

If so, heads up for folks with Cap 1 cards with older lates! If this is the new way of GW'ing, some people could lose some significant age there.

susyq, I have no idea if the late might come back. This is a new twist on GW'ing, if I'm understanding correctly! I'd at least give it several months before going on as AU. If nothing else, this will help because it will no longer show as a new account (less than one year old.)
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Re: Odd - Capital One Reporting

Well kinda.


The month by month history is only 12 months, 12 little boxes all showing green.


However the date the account was opened still shows as June 2001 and the comment says Pays as Agreed/ Account in good standing (depending on the CRB)


So yeah, it still has it's full age in his AAoA calculation - that hasn't changed at all - but it only shows what has happened on the last 12 months of payments in detail (I guess I shall keep an eye on it in the next month or two and see if it stays at only reporting the last twelve months or if it starts detailing a longer period)


Really, really odd.

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Re: Odd - Capital One Reporting

Sounds like they granted a goodwill clear and elected to do so by clearing history prior to and up to the delinquency. While no return of the late can't be assured, under the circumstances described I wouldn't expect it would be reinserted.


You can't lose tradeline "history" in this manner.  The age of the tradeline is still based upon the account open date, whether history is reported or not, so long as the tradeline status is currently active (reporting with status in the last 6 mo.)

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Re: Odd - Capital One Reporting

Olol... it's baaack.


Well on Ex and TU anyway, not back on EQ yet but i'm sure it's coming.


Meh, back to writing more goodwill letters I go

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