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Odds for a Discover CLI

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Re: Odds for a Discover CLI

I have had my Discover for a year this week. Started out with $1700 limit. There have been no auto cli's. When I originally app'd with them I had a FICO score somewhere around 680 an AAOA of 1 yr and about 25% utilization with $24000 yearly income. My EQ FICO is now 718, TU 756, about 5-6 inquiries, 3 new accounts ( a 2nd US Bank, Chase Slate, and Citi Simplicity) less than 5% utilization. Today I got brave--called and requested cli by phone through automated system. It had me verify address, my rent, and income (now $26,400). They mentioned nothing about a hard pull on the automated system and when I used their credit tracker and updated my reports as of now I see no hard pull. They increased my limit to----YAY----$5700!!! (no--it did not prompt me to request an amount) Okay--how I used my card--first few months 200-300 then PIF (usually after reporting because I hadn't figured that date out) after that I made a few large purchases and have continued small purchases and went up to about 50-max80% utilization with that card....high but never technically maxed out. I would pay 4-5x the minimum payment once or twice per month and then did a PIF on $1100. Have never been late, have no lates or collections on my record---just a thin file. Have been using in moderation for last couple of months and PIF once or twice a month. I also use their cashback for Amazon purchases and sign up for nearly all of the cashback extras.... also wanted to add if ever you are applying for something like a mortgage and have a reason to have your reported utilization lower--GUESS WHAT! You can call Discover CS (a regular CS reps can do this-or will transfer you to one who can) and request a mid cycle credit bureau update anytime!!! Within 24 hours your new balance is reporting to all 3 CB's!!! Amazing CS!!

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