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Oh boy!


Re: Oh boy!

wow thats crazy good

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Re: Oh boy!

myjourney wrote:

jht2 wrote:

Walked into my credit uunion today to deposit money and recognized they've rolled out a set of brand new credit cards. Get this it had a fixed APR of 8.9% for all three cards it offered. Waiting in line was horrendous since I promised myself that the NFL visa would be my last credit card for 2013. Since I will apply for an auto loan come fall through my CU maybe theyll offer me the CC on the initial HP. Woosah Woosah I must be patient...good things shall come to those who wait! Have you folks ever heard of a fixed rate CC at 8.9

Pretty sure barclay has one even less APR

Correct, The Ring card @ 8% APR.

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Re: Oh boy!

My CU visa card is also at 8.99%. Not sure if it is fixed, but it is a nice rate regardless. Smiley Happy

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Re: Oh boy!

My Barclays Juniper has been fixed at 7.99% for as long as i've had it, just over 4 years now.  So, it's my lowest.

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