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Oh no! Paid BOA 99/500 card late!

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Re: Oh no! Paid BOA 99/500 card late!

Mank wrote:

Thanks for everyone's input, but does anyone have any experience with the BOA partially secured card? I'm sure there's someone out there who has accidentally paid this card late and can tell me if it still graduated to unsecured on schedule?




I would consider calling in and pleading your case and expressing great anxiety over the "mixup" and ask them about "auto-draft" to demonstate your desire and intent to always be timely and see what they respond with.  Maybe they will somehow provide a GW effect of waiver of fee and maybe somehow blot out any type of internal late flag, if one exists.

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Re: Oh no! Paid BOA 99/500 card late!

The reps you speak with can at BOA can make the decision to waive a late fee out of courtesy without a supervisor's approval unless their policy has changed.  Just don't act as if you're entitled to having the fee waived because although it is shady on their part for changing the due date, my supervisor's logic was that they (the consumer) have a responsibility to look at the bill we send to them.  Treat the CSR with respect and let them know that you always had the same due date and for it to be different was what threw you off and it was an honest mistake.  I would also ask if this would delay the graduation of the card but I'm pretty sure the rep you speak with won't know because the sales associates will see that your card is secured, but will treat your card the same as an unsecured card.  They will just want to get you to do a balance transfer if your card has an offer, sell you a credit protection, or any other product that pops on screen that's available when you call in.  You'd probably want to get that info about graduation from a rep who only deals in secured cards.  The backdoor number to this dept is 888-260-4696.  Good Luck. 
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Re: Oh no! Paid BOA 99/500 card late!

Thanks for the advice and number NinComPoop! I really appreciate it and will give it a try.
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Re: Oh no! Paid BOA 99/500 card late!

Your welcome! Smiley Very Happy Keep us posting.
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