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Okay! so I applied for a credit card


Re: Okay! so I applied for a credit card

Getting on as an AU will do tremendous things for you in the long run, especially as you get older and get that 1st job in a few years.  once i got into the working world after being an AU on my parents long before i could even drive, i got to skip all the low starter limits and lower end cards and go straight to big limits on high end cards from conservative lenders.  They literally rolled out the red carpet and gave me more credit than i could ever use or want ( I actually considered having them lower my limits so if i applied for a mortgage or a car loan i would not look like i had too much credit).  use it responsibly once you get it and your limits will go even higher.  Chase gave me a 10k increase on my sapphire without me even asking for it after 6 months.

Age 29
AU- United+ Visa 33k, *97. GM MasterCard 15k, *95.
Individual- PenFed Plat Rew 7k, *08. Amex Blue 6.7k, *12. Hilton Amex 5.5k, *12. Chase Sapphire 15k, *12. U.S. Bank Cash+ 12.3k, *12. Barclays Rewards Visa 11k, *13. Citi DoubleCash (PC'd in *14) 7k, *13. Club Carlson Premier 9k, *13.
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