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Old Navy/GEMB Balance Reporting Time

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Old Navy/GEMB Balance Reporting Time

Quick question. Approximately how many days after the due date does GEMB/Old Navy report your balance to the credit agencies? I realize this could be slightly different for everyone just curious as I usually avoid using my cards until after the balances are posted. This is a pretty recent card for me so I don't have the pattern down like my others. 


Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Old Navy/GEMB Balance Reporting Time

If you've received your first statement yet then you can look where it says last statement date, that will be your closing date and they usually report to the CRA's about a day or 2 after that last statement date.  I usually make the minimum payment by the date due and if I still have a balance then I'll try to pay if off a day or 2 before that last statement date.

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