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Old good account shows on EQ CR from Cap One

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Old good account shows on EQ CR from Cap One

So I was checking out me EQ CR and noticed an account in good standing from 1999 from Capital One. I thought this could be a great opportunity to bring that account up to date, get a CLI and increase my average age of account up. It doesn't say it is closed but when I called cap one they told me they could not find anything with my name a ssn. Now I have had account misspell my name and somehow were able to locate it but nothing seemed to work.


The EQ CR I was looking at was through Total Credit Check from EX and only shows a handful of numbers with XXXX's at the end - partial account number.


How can I recieve the full account number? When I pull my EQ CR from here it doesn't show this account at all.


Do I need to pay for a full report from EQ, how do i know if it will have this account - suggestions?

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