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On pins & needles- pending review- Orchard Bank

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On pins & needles- pending review- Orchard Bank

I just got my Chp 7 discharge and decided to go out on a limb and apply with Orchard. They pre-screened me online and gave the offer of a visa with 14% which is awesome since I would rather go without then apply for a card with those crazy 35% or higher. I have no interest in running up debt so I was thinking the secured card at 8% would be great.

The application is pending review and I am wondering if the will approve me. I had a positive account that I closed with them before but did include a HSBC card in my BK. I would think that if that status bothered them- they would have denied right away since they know my social security number.

Has anyone gotten approved after a pending review? My FAKO scores were in the 648 range during my BK- I haven't pulled them since the discharge. I want to wait until everyone has reported or updated since each update can change everything!

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