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One 7-10 day msg, One instant approval!? ? ? ??

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One 7-10 day msg, One instant approval!? ? ? ??

So for whatever reason, probably irresponsibility, I apped for the new CapOne Cash Rewards card last night and received the 7-10 day decision message. Then today I ended up on the AMEX website and they had this little thing where you put in your name,address, and last four of your ssn and they see if they have any "pre-selected" offers for you without it affecting your credit score. So I did and they said I could apply for the Green charge card or the Blue credit card. So I apped for the Blue and got an instant approval!?!?!?! WTH? I mean...I don't know for sure yet if I was declined by CapOne but to get the delay message from them and an instant approval from AMEX is crazy. 


Anyways stoked and back to gardening. . . .


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Re: One 7-10 day msg, One instant approval!? ? ? ??

Nice..Smiley Happy in your favor.



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Re: One 7-10 day msg, One instant approval!? ? ? ??

You applied the excellent credit version right (no AF)? Capital One is extremely strict for excellent credit version. I'd say they are even more strict than AMEX credit card.

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