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One Of The Same - AX

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One Of The Same - AX

Hey guys, so I have the Hilton since 2016, which was my first card with Amex, from what I heard all other cards that are from Amex will follow the same opening date regardless of when I applied for it in the near future, but let's say I were to cut off the Hilton card since I don't even use it anymore but just to keep it active like once a year, will my other amex cards still have the same opening date of when I got the Hilton? Thanks!
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Re: One Of The Same - AX

I think you're over thinking things here and it's a bit jumbled.


The only thing that changes is the card you're changing.  Everything else stays the same.  If you close the hilton and open a new one then the new one has an open date of when you open it.


Amex doesn't backdate anymore so, there's that as well.  


If you want to keep it alive then just put something on once a year and throw it in a drawer.

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